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Every 7 years or so most properties need a fresh coat of paint, caulking and minor repairs.  Finnmark uses only the best coating products available to ensure our customers not only get a great looking paint job, but one that lasts.  We have experienced crews who can tackle jobs for small and large communities.  Your schedule and budget are what we strive to meet or beat.  Our painting and construction division works hand in hand with our maintenance crews so that you can get a lot of your projects done with one vendor.

Painting Services Include:

  • Exterior Painting
  • Power Washing to Ensure Proper Adhesion
  • Envelope Prep (Sanding, Scraping and Caulking)
  • Minor Siding and Dry Rot Repairs


Finnmark offers a full range of renovation and maintenance services allowing us to create a customize bundle for clients. Let us help you maximize your budget with bundling.

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