Every property has different gutter cleaning needs.  The frequency of cleaning depends on the tree coverage, bird population, moss build up on roofs, etc.  We recommend a fall gutter cleaning after most or all of your leaves have fallen (usually October-January).  We recommend a spring cleaning after the seeds and buds have fallen from the trees (usually May-June).


Gutter Cleaning Services includes:
• Cleaning and unplugging all gutters and downspouts (above ground)
• Snaking Downspouts that are clogged
• Re-spiking/attaching loose gutters and downspouts
• Removing debris from gutters by hand, not blown or sprayed out
• Debris is bagged and disposed of onsite or offsite depending on the community’s needs
• Blowing existing loose debris from pitched roofs (i.e. leaves and needles)
• Guaranteed proper function & flow of gutters and downspouts for 30 days from the day of service (guarantee may be extended with bundling of other services, it may be reduced if trees on the property have not lost all of their leaves yet)


Finnmark offers a full range of renovation and maintenance services allowing us to create a customize bundle for clients. Let us help you maximize your budget with bundling.


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